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James Anderson, JD •
RAND Corporation

In this Critical Opportunities presentation, James Anderson, JD, from RAND Corporation, explains how city blocks that have some land parcels zoned for residential use experience substantially less crime than blocks that are zoned only for commercial or industrial uses. He suggests encouraging residential zoning in commercial areas as a way to reduce crime.


This set of six LawAtlas maps outline the current state of statutes and regulations governing oil and gas drilling and development activities as they relate to water quality and water quantity. The maps cover the use of water and five stages of development: permitting, design & construction; well drilling; well completion; production and operation; and reclamation.

Staff •
Legal Science, LLC

This dataset examines which U.S. states have Good Samaritan laws, and outlines various characteristics of those laws, including how those laws protect citizens from controlled substance possession laws, alcohol related crime laws, drug paraphernalia laws, and probation and parole violations, as well as whether Good Samaritan laws are considered a mitigating factor in sentencing.