Mapping Variations in Local Marijuana Laws in Washington State to Study the Impact on Health Outcomes and Disparities

Washington State is among the first to legalize recreational marijuana. Local ordinances already exist to regulate medical marijuana, but a strong state medical regulatory framework does not exist. It is unclear how variations in local laws will impact marijuana access, use, initiation, and related outcomes such as injury and crime, particularly among youth.

Mapping State and Federal Occupational Safety and Health Laws and Regulations to Increase Knowledge and Improving Worker-Protective Standards

The study will collect data on state and federal regulations concerned with protecting workers from specific chemical, physical, biological, mechanical, or psychosocial hazards and will be compiled from publicly available federal and state regulatory sources.

Analyzing the Impact on Cigar Smoking by Youths of an Innovative Packaging Regulation in Boston

This study will analyze the impact of the regulation on youth cigar use, and will answer: Has the regulation resulted in a reduction in cigar use prevalence among 9-12 graders in Boston after its enactment in 2012? Was the reduction in cigar use prevalence among 9-12 graders in Boston greater than those of municipalities that have not enacted the regulation? To what extent has the sales price of cigars increased in retail stores since the enactment in 2012?

Studying the "Health in All Policies" Impact on Population Health of Changes in a Range of State Economic Laws over the Last 20 Years

Despite growing attention to the health effects of "non-health" policy and calls for policy-makers to adopt a Health in All Policy (HiAP) approach, little attention has been paid to a key set of economic policies — the various taxes, redistributive spending, and market regulating laws — that shape the distribution of economic resources among Americans.


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