Program Staff

Scott Burris, JD

Andrew Campbell, Esq.
Program Manager – Policy Surveillance Program

Lindsay Cloud, JD
Director – Policy Surveillance Program

Adrienne R. Ghorashi, Esq.
Law and Policy Analyst

Heidi Grunwald, PhD
Deputy Director

Christopher Gray
Financial Manager

Abraham Gutman, MA
Project Coordinator – Five Essential Public Health Law Services Project and the Policies for Action Research Hub

Benjamin Hartung, JD
Law and Policy Analyst

Jennifer Ibrahim, PhD
Associate Director

Andrew Kunka, JD, MPAP
Law and Policy Analyst, CDC Program Coordinator

Kathleen McCabe, JD
Law and Policy Analyst

Bethany Saxon, MS
Communications Director

Joshua Waimberg, JD
Law and Policy Analyst

Nicolas Wilhelm, JD
Law and Policy Analyst