This study will take a state-by-state inventory of laws that regulate influenza immunization among people who work in hospitals. It will review policies that individual hospitals and health systems might have to require their employees to receive a flu vaccination, matching those findings with data on rates of vaccination among hospital workers to determine the effect such laws and policies have on vaccination rates.

In the United States, vaccinations against certain diseases are accepted as an important step in leading a healthy life and helping to keep other people from getting sick. It is not unusual to be required to show proof that you have had certain vaccinations before you are allowed to register for school or college, for example. But these common requirements for vaccination do not always extend to influenza—commonly known as flu—even for hospital workers who are at the most risk of exposure to the flu virus and who are likely to come into contact with people who are at a high risk of serious health complications if they were to become infected with the flu virus.

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